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  • Sensors Converge 2023
  • Sensors Converge 2023

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    SMARC Computer-on-Module Tackles Real-Time Apps

    March 5, 2024
    Congatec’s SMARC module utilizes Texas Instruments’ TDA4VM processor with real-time cores.
    5-gram Full Body Motion Capture System
    Test & Measurement

    Tiny Sensors Simplify Full Body Motion Capture

    Dec. 5, 2023
    MetaSense leverages an array of tiny wireless sensors to track a person’s movements.
    Environmental Sensors Target Air Quality

    Environmental Sensors Target Air Quality

    Dec. 4, 2023
    Pooja Bhadrappanavar, Business Development Manager at Renesas Electronics, demonstrates how the company’s volatile-organic-compounds sensor can be used to check air quality.
    Autonomous Robot Delivers Open Liquids Without Spilling
    Test & Measurement

    Autonomous Robot Delivers Open Liquids Container Without Spilling a Drop

    Dec. 4, 2023
    TDK’s engineers utilize 10 different sensors to build a robot that can deliver a glass of liquid over rough terrain.
    These Sensors Empower Gesture Control
    Test & Measurement

    Range-Detection Technologies Target Consumer and Commercial Apps

    Nov. 17, 2023
    Radar and optical time-of-flight sensors are no longer limited to just avionic and automotive applications.

    More content from Sensors Converge 2023

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    Customizing Flexible Power Solutions for IoT Applications

    Oct. 11, 2023
    PowerFilm’s solar panels come in different configurations to suit most electronic power requirements.
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    Smart Sensors Simplify IoT Design

    Oct. 4, 2023
    Infineon’s XENSIV family of intelligent devices provide low-power sensing support.
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    Lasers Plus MEMS Mirrors Deliver Programmable Projections

    Oct. 3, 2023
    MEMS mirrors and laser-beam steering can do neat things like programmable illumination for applications such as vector graphics laser projection.
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    Machine Learning

    Useful Trustworthy AI Sensors in Tiny Packages

    Sept. 28, 2023
    Standalone AI on the edge is possible with Useful Sensors’ modules.
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    Machine Learning

    Building AI for Smart Agriculture

    Sept. 15, 2023
    Find out about the models and technology used by John Deere for its autonomous farm machinery.
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    Test & Measurement

    Keeping Tabs on Temperature with NTC Thermistors

    Sept. 12, 2023
    Conor Bujeaux, Senior Product Engineer at Ametherm, talks about negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors and the company’s new PANR Series.
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    No Overheating with AI-Enabled Sensors on the Edge

    Sept. 11, 2023
    Bad things can happen when you wrap up an air-conditioning condenser.
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    Test & Measurement

    Performing Hands-Free Probing and Soldering

    Sept. 8, 2023
    Sensepeek’s PCBite, replete with standoffs and flexible arms, makes many lab-bench chores easier.
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    Power Supply

    RF Transmitter Powers Battery-Free IoT Sensors

    Sept. 6, 2023
    Energous' PowerBridge sends RF energy over the air and to power battery-less IoT sensors.
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    Rugged Absolute Digital-Output Barometer Includes Charge-Sensing Channel

    June 26, 2023
    This tiny piezoresistive digital-output sensor targets low/medium pressure situations and detects variations in electric charge.
    132751765 © Phuttaphat Tipsana | Dreamstime.com
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    Bringing Wi-Fi 6 to Cars

    June 20, 2023
    The JODY-W4 module from u-blox supports Wi-Fi 6E and targets automotive applications.
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    Meet GyroPalm, Sensors Converge 2023 Product of the Year Finalist

    June 16, 2023
    The GyroPalm takes the smartwatch to the logical next level of human-machine interface.