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Meet GyroPalm, Sensors Converge 2023 Product of the Year Finalist

June 16, 2023
The GyroPalm takes the smartwatch to the logical next level of human-machine interface.

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What you’ll learn

  • What is GyroPalm?
  • How the smartwatch can be used with a wide variety of different and separate devices.

The smartwatch is the superior wearable. You can answer calls, text your loved ones, check your steps, monitor your sleep, and even play games all from your wrist. And you can tell time, which is an added bonus. But what if you could control your smart lights or navigate your drone? Startup GyroPalm is building a product that combines a smartwatch with the capabilities of Google Home.

Launched in 2019, GyroPalm, invented by Dominick Lee, is a patented, wearable gesture-control system for your wrist, allowing you to control electronics, computers, appliances, robotics, and IoT devices with a flick of the wrist. GyroPalm features a low-latency transceiver that allows you to control devices from up to 3,000 feet away. The company even boasts that the watch’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to control devices from different parts of the world.

How Does It Work?

GyroPalm’s interface is based on gesture recognition. The company claims the watch is easy to master with four to five hand gestures, including waving, snapping your fingers, and flicking your wrists. You have the option to customize the gestures if you’re looking for something a bit more refined. These gestures can even be synced to the cloud and shared with other people.

And if you’re a developer, the smartwatch has a dedicated IDE programming environment that enables you to extend the functionality of the watch. They should probably push this feature a bit harder, in this author’s opinion.

Like a blast form the past, GyroPalm’s built-in infrared sensor lets you control your TV, turning it off and on and even setting the volume. And if you own a drone, just download a companion app and use your smartwatch to direct its next move.

GyroPalm offers a package that includes smart bulbs, smart dimmers, and smart outlets. These give you the ability to control your lights and even change the color, navigate your computer, and control your robotics, like Roomba. It sounds complex, but the device is ready to use out of the box. It’s made for a wide range of users, from the tech-savvy to newcomers.

Like a Smartwatch, But More

On top of that, GyroPalm has all of the functionality of your typical smartwatch: fitness tracking, answering calls, notifications, and sleep tracking. Other features include a Gorilla Glass screen, tap/snap detection, menu buttons, bidirectional learning IR blaster, LED, micro USB charging port, gesture engine, and interchangeable wrist straps.

After raising over $70,000 on Indiegogo to bring the watch to life, GyroPalm is available to pre-order for $288. If you want the full package, they offer an essential package with smart bulbs, a smart outlet, the watch, and a connected pen for $349. Silver, gold, and developer packages with extra goodies are also available.

GyroPalm is currently working on integrating the smartwatch with other interfaces. GyroPalm Spectrum uses its wearable device with AR glasses to provide seamless remote viewing and control of multiple Robot Operating System (ROS) robots. With this, they hope to change how industries interact with robotics by increasing efficiency, safety, and user experience.

GyroPalm will showcase the smartwatch and more at Sensors Coverage 2023 in Santa Clara, Calif., where it’s been nominated as the Sensors Award Finalists for the 2023 Innovative Product of the Year Award.

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