Electronic Design

3.3-GHz Pulse/Pattern Generators Boast Rise Times Under 40 ps

The 81133A and 81134A pulse/pattern generators feature less than 40-ps rise times, less than 1-ps jitter, and full parameter flexibility for handling high-speed applications where timing and performance are critical. They are easy-to-use clock and data sources for evaluating device behavior. Their delay control input and variable crossover point allow full control over jitter performance and signal integrity. Providing pattern and PRBS generation capability, they feature deep memory and hardware PRBS from 27-1 and 231-1, complying with CCITT standards. Frequency ranges from 20 MHz to 3.35 GHz. The 81133A costs $46,400, and the 81134A costs $57,600.

Agilent Technologies
www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844

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