Compact Tester

Yokogawa introduced two compact, easy-to-use and economical instruments for 10Gbit/s bit-error-rate testing. The AQ2200-601, based on the AQ2200 modular platform, is suited to laboratory and manufacturing applications. The AP9945 is a portable unit that is suited to field testing.

"With the increased popularity of high-speed transmission systems, and particularly the use of ten gigabit speeds in both wide-area and local-area networks, the demand for high-speed measurement equipment is increasing," explains Jorg Latzel, product marketing manager for Photonic Products with Yokogawa Europe.

In addition to providing testing facilities for 10Gbit/s networks, these instruments also provide testing capabilities for Ethernet and 10Gbit/s components such as transmitter and receiver optical subassemblies, XFP transceivers, and PIN diodes.

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