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JTAG Controller Supports Test And ISP Applications

The JT 3710/USB DataBlaster, a USB-powered, boundary-scan JTAG controller, supports both test and in-system programming (ISP) applications. According to its manufacturer, its 22- by 14- by 4-cm footprint suits it for portable and desktop use. It also can be linked to a PC or workstation via its high-speed USB interface. A unique boundary-scan architecture accommodates the high data rates and lengthy vectors required by JTAG applications, such as flash-memory ISP. This architecture also includes a proprietary chip set for real-time data decompression, high-speed test-access-port (TAP) drivers, and AutoWrite. A high-capacity memory also is incorporated for local ISP data storage. It boasts sustained clock speeds (TCK) up to 25 MHz, a 32-Mbit flash image data memory, gang programming up to four targets, plug-and-play compatibility, and a full-speed (12 Mbits/s) USB interface.

JTAG Technologies, 338 Creekside Common Ct., Suite 1149, Stevensville, MD 21666-2564; (877) 367-5824; fax (410) 604-2109; www.jtag.com.

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