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LAN Analyzer Offers End-To-End Ethernet Solutions Plus VoIP

Designed for telecommunications companies operating large Ethernet networks for mission-critical applications, the LAN Analyzer 3.0 is claimed to accurately measure network performance, troubleshoot equipment problems, and quickly deploy high-speed gigabit LANs. Optional software, the VoIP plug-in, allows users to analyze voice traffic over Ethernet-based IP networks and confirm pre-defined quality-of-service levels for PSTN/IP gateways, IP switches, and IPBX systems.
The analyzer lets users remotely monitor multiple network locations and upgrade their analysis systems as their network expands or becomes more complex. It provides real-time network- and application-layer statistics, as well as seven-layer decodes for all key protocol stacks, including IP, Novell, and Apple Talk. Pricing for the LAN Analyzer 3.0 starts at $995 and the VoIP plug-in starts at $3500.

Company: AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES - Test and Measurement Organization

Product URL: Click here for more information

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