The MathWorks supports LXI standard, joins Consortium

The MathWorks is supporting the LXI standard by joining the LXI Consortium as an associate member. The Consortium is a non- profit organisation dedicated to developing the LXI standard; LXI is an instrumentation platform based on standard Ethernet technology designed to provide modularity, flexibility and performance to small and medium-sized systems.

The MathWork brings expertise in model-based design and software development tools for test, for the benefit of test engineers who use the LXI standard in aerospace and defence, automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics industries.

The test engineers can start with an executable specification and define their test systems and test vectors in parallel with design and development activities. They can also use the detailed design models to validate their test suites before the system or device being tested is available, shortening their test development time.

The LXI standard defines small, modular instruments using low-cost, open-standard LAN (Ethernet) as the system backbone. LXI was developed to offer the size and integration advantages of modular instruments without the constraints and cost of card-cage architectures. The standard will evolve to take advantage of current and future LAN capabilities that go well beyond legacy test and measurement connectivity capabilities.

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