Microwave mixer modules deliver reliability

Three new connectorised hermetic mixer modules from Link Microtek are suited to military, space, wideband telecom, industrial, microwave-radio, and testequipment applications from 4 to 38GHz. Manufactured by Hittite Microwave, these GaAs MMIC-based modules all have removable SMA connectors, which can be detached to allow direct connection of the I/O pins to a microstrip or coplanar circuit.

The HMC-C009 is an I/Q mixer module that can be used as either an image-reject mixer or a single sideband converter. It provides a more reliable and consistent alternative to hybridstyle assemblies.

Operating over the frequency range of 4.0 to 8.5GHz, the HMC-C009 features +23dBm input IP3, 35dB image rejection, and a LO-to-RF isolation of 40dB. The HMC-C014 and HMC-C015 double-balanced mixer modules operate over the ranges 16 to 32GHz and 24 to 38GHz, respectively. Both mixers offer very wide IF bandwidth of dc to 8GHz.

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