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Multitalented Inductance Analyzer Features 27,00 User-Programable Test Frequencies

The 1910 inductance analyzer can be used to conduct production testing of inductors and coils for switching power supplies, filter circuits, telecommunications devices, and other products. This tester features a 0.1% measurement accuracy, dc resistance measurement capability, sequential testing, and internal dc current biasing, all in a 20-Hz to 1-MHz package.

Over 27,000 user-programmable test frequencies allow the analyzer to make inductance measurements up to 1 MHz. The device also measures capacitance, ac resistance, dissipation factor, quality factor, impedance, phase angle, and dc resistance. More importantly, the 1910 can run up to six different tests in sequence. Fast, single-pass production testing like this helps increase productivity.

A number of other features are packed into the device, too. It boasts storage of setups, load correction, programmable source impedance, and a built-in automatic calibration procedure. The 1910's internal memory lets operators store and recall up to 30 single test setups, along with 10 sequential setups where up to six tests for each can be linked and executed in sequence. Users, then, can quickly configure and run a test the same way every time.

Operators can select the instrument source impedance at 5, 25, 50, or 100 Ω. This is especially important when designers need to compare new measurements to those made on other testers. The 1910's operating software includes a built-in, user-prompted calibration routine for use with the company's calibration kit. Users can calibrate the instrument without returning it to the factory, thereby eliminating down time and calibration costs. IEEE-48, RS-232, and handler interfaces all come standard with the unit. Its modular design permits configuration for application-specific testing solutions.

The 1910 costs $4995. It includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate. Delivery is in four weeks.

QuadTech Inc., 5 Clock Tower Pl., 210 East, Maynard, MA 01754; (800) 253-1230, (978) 461-2100; fax (978) 461-4295; www.quadtech.com.

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