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Optical Switch Card Line Cuts Test Costs

The Model 7090 line of optical switching cards now includes 1x16 optical switches that let the company's Model 7001 and 7002 switch mainframes control more optical signals in a single instrument than ever before. Typically used to route one signal to 16 devices under test or 16 instruments, these switches can be used with the Model 7090 1x4 and 1x8 optical versions, plus dc and RF switching cards, for versatile hybrid test configurations. They switch optical signals in the 1290- to 1650-nm range and use single-mode fibers with FC/SPC and FC/APC connectors. With this true optical switching, makers of laser diodes and fiber-optic communication devices can automate test applications more effectively, resulting in faster testing, better repeatability, less personal involvement, improved ROI, and lower cost of ownership for existing test instruments. The 1x16 switching cards list at $12,995.

Keithley Instruments Inc.; (440) 248-0400

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