Electronic Design

Test & Measurement: Dual Synthesizer Card Creates Advanced Signals To 300 MHz

The Synth300-TRIG PCI dual-channel direct digital synthesizer (DDS) card incorporates two independent DDSs synchronized at 1 GHz, each separately programmable for frequencies between 300 kHz and 300 MHz in 0.233-Hz increments. In addition to single-or dual-tone RF generation (500 mV into 50 Ω), the Synth300-TRIG can generate advanced RF signals such as triggered dwell/sweep/ dwell quadrature swept signaling. By using the four independent user-defined frequency/phase profiles associated with each synthesizer, frequency-and/or phase-modulated waveforms (4-FSK, 4-PSK) can be easily generated and controlled via software or external transistor-transistor-logic inputs. In addition to its two sine-wave RF outputs, the Synth300-TRIG includes a low-voltage differential-signaling port, enabling users to create a programmable digital clock with precise frequency and phase adjustment capability. Software provided includes a simple-to-use GUI and example C code for programming advanced applications.

Furaxa Inc.

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