Vector Network Analyser Raises The Speed Bar

Munich, Germany:

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) recently launched its first vector network analyzer for the frequency range from 10MHz to 67GHz. Based on the established R&S ZVA family, the company claims its the fastest vector network analyser in its class with the highest dynamic range.

R&D users can apply the instrument to measure components for civil or military radar applications or microwave links. In addition, the R&S ZVA67 offers a solution for measuring noise figures on amplifiers.

The R&S ZVA67 has a dynamic range of 110dB at 67GHz and measurement time is 3.5µs for each test point. Featuring high output power of 6dBm at 67GHz and a broad power sweep range of >40dB, the analyser can characterise small and large signal behaviour on active components such as amplifiers. Moreover, it analyses not only S-parameters, but also harmonics, compression, intermodulation, and noise parameters.

In aerospace and defence, the R&S ZVA67 is used in military radar applications for development and production purposes. The measurement bandwidth of up to 30MHz allows pulse profile measurements on amplifiers with a resolution of 12.5ns.

In conjunction with the new 67GHz R&S NRP-Z57 power sensor, the instrument enables noise figure measurements up to 67GHz. Impedance tuners or a noise source are no longer necessary. Furthermore, the vector network analyser measures the relative and absolute group delay on frequency-converting components such as mixers, even when the local oscillator isn’t accessible.

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