FAQ: Unlocking the Future: Satellite Solar Power Simulators for Advanced Solar Array Testing

April 10, 2024
Read this FAQ to learn more about the testing processes and hardware necessary to meet next-generation satellite requirements.

The race for space communications has taken a giant leap forward recently. Evolving 5G and emerging 6G communications will place new demands on satellite platforms at all altitudes. A major metric is that there is no room for error when testing solar arrays, especially for the power demands of emerging high-throughput satellites, from LEO to MEO to GEO and in between. Going forward, with existing and emerging satellite communications, failure is not an option.

Leading edge OEMs have developed exciting satellite test systems that push solar array testing to its limits to ensure that it is as dependable as possible and will continue to function for decades.

Advanced test systems rely on advanced components. For example, new components that enable extremely fast shunt switching recovery, a key parameter in keeping the satellite online, cannot be adequately tested without the sophisticated simulation capabilities of innovative new hardware.

Satellite technology has evolved into a complex and sophisticated player in the global communications ecosystem. Dependability is everything and five-nines reliability can only be met with next-generation solar array and power test systems.

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