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Wi-Fi Module Offers Direct Mobile Access

Wi-Fi Module Offers Direct Mobile Access

Lantronix’s xPico Wi-Fi SMT embedded device server is a compact surface mount module that quickly enables serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity. Features include simultaneous soft-AP and client modes, which permits access without disconnecting from the enterprise wireless network, direct mobile access, and complete Wi-Fi connectivity offload, which reduces the complexity of the application microcontroller (MCU). It also features complete network protocol offload; a built-in web server, TCP/IP network stack, file system, and network connection management can be utilized without writing complex application logic.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates and a web service API enable easier upgrades and communications, all with 256-bit AES encryption for security. An on-board antenna option further integrates the solution and an u.fl antenna option permits flexibility in terms of placement for optimal performance. The module is intended to meet the needs of those developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications and solutions, specifically those requiring direct access to device data.


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