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48-Channel GPS Receiver Boasts 148 dBm Sensitivity

48-Channel GPS Receiver Boasts 148 dBm Sensitivity

Jupiter_A_1The Jupiter SE880 ultra-compact GPS receiver module is designed by Telit Wireless for applications in the commercial, industrial and consumer segments, including wearable and handheld devices. The miniature 4.7 x 4.7 mm LGA, SiRFstarIV-based receiver module features an advanced 3D technology that improves TTFF and brings in-door location fix to reality with cold start and tracking sensitivity down to -148 dBm and -165 dBm with best-in-class footprint solution. The RF front-end employs spatially calibrated waveguide-quality radio paths inside the three-dimensional space of its architecture to reduce parasitic impedances. The multi-filter system includes SAW filters and a 2.4 GHz notch-filter capable of nullifying the jamming effects of high-energy radio devices such as Wi-Fi hot-spots, Bluetooth systems and cordless phones, which greatly affect a GPS receiver’s ability to resolve timid satellite signals. Enhanced for maximum sensitivity, this single-constellation GPS product is capable of one-satellite acquisition of UTC and fix acquisition with minimal sky-visibility – indoors, garages, urban canyons.


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