Transceiver ASIC Operates In TV White Spaces

Transceiver ASIC Operates In TV White Spaces

Neul’s Iceni single-chip transceiver operates in the entire UHF TV White Space band (470 to 790 MHz). It supports both 6-MHz and 8-MHz channel bandwidths while conforming to the strict White Space regulatory requirements. Its adaptive digital modulation schemes and error correction methods can be selected according to the tradeoff between data rate and range required for a given application. Encryption mechanisms ensure secure data transfer over the air, while a memory-mapped parallel bus interface and discrete interrupt lines can be used for waking the external application processor upon receipt of a relevant frame. Programmable I/Os are available for controlling the external RF front end, such as a transmit power amplifier. Iceni samples are available today to select partners to begin testing and development of new White Space-enabled solutions.


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