Memory blitz for UWG cards

Two new 8-bit resolution arbitrary-waveform-generator cards pack up to 4Gsamples of on-board memory. The UF2-6110 features two synchronous, 125Msample/s, output channels, while the UF2-6111 offers four channels on a single PCI card.

Both cards, from Strategic Test Corp., come with 64Msamples of signal memory standard. However, that can be increased to 4Gsamples using a proprietary DIMM module on the card.

The cards are suitable for RADAR and I&Q signal generation. A Multiple Reply option allows a series of high-speed waveforms to be generated with automatic re-arming of the trigger by hardware to ensure a high pulse repetition frequency (PRF). The choice of two or four synchronous channels per card enables matching I&Q generation without the expense of a second card.

Each channel contains a 125Msample/s 8-bit DAC and three Butterworth reconstruction filters with bandwidths of 25MHz, 5MHz, or 500kHz. Crosstalk between channels is less than -80dB. Maximum output range reaches ±3V, although this can be boosted to ±10V using the optional 1-, 2-, or 4-channel PCI amplifier card.

The cards employ a 66MHz/32bit PCI-X interface that's able to stream data continuously from the host PC at rates up to 225Msamples/s. Long-duration signals can be generated at lower output rates.

Drivers for Microsoft Windows XP64, XP, 2000, and Linux (2.4 and 2.6 kernels) are included with free downloads of future OS version drivers, such as Windows Vista.

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