Op amps for video apps

Thanks to the use of new technologies to achieve low-distortion performance levels, seven new op amps are aimed at the rapidly growing high-definition video-applications market. These 500MHz to 1.4GHz op amps, crafted by ON Semiconductor, allow video designers to achieve 0.02 percent differential gain and 0.02-degree differential phase performance, while only consuming up to 12mA of current draw.

The NCS2510 and NCS2511 are current-feedback devices of 1.4GHz and 1.0GHz, respectively. The NCS2511 consumes 7.5mA of power versus the 12 mA of the NCS2510. Both devices are offered in a TSOP-5/SOT-23-5 package.

The NCS2535 and NCS2540 are triple op amps, which suits them for driving component video. The NCS2535 is a 1.4GHz current feedback device with disable; the NCS2540 is a 750MHz voltage feedback device with disable. Both devices are offered in a TSSOP-16 package.

The NCS2550 and NCS2552 are 750MHz, voltage-feedback. The NCS2552 comes with an ultra-fast enable feature that allows enable times in the range of 5ns. The NCS2550 is offered in a TSOP-5/SOT-23-5 package, while the NCS2552 comes in a TSOP-6/SOT-23-6 package. The NCS2551 is a 500MHz, voltage-feedback device. This device has a slew rate of 1400 V/µs, but only consumes 5.5 mA of current draw.

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