Rugged devices keep cool with Intel Pentium M

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has introduced a new rugged single board computer designed for military applications that require VMEbus embedded computing in extreme environments. The new PMA delivers up to 1.4GHz processing power in a single slot 6U VME/VME64x package while reducing heat dissipation through the use of a low-power microprocessor and advanced cooling hardware.

The board is powered by Intel’s low-power Pentium M (Dothan) and is available configured with either Ultra Low Voltage (1.0GHz @ 5W) or Low Voltage (1.4GHz @ 10W) versions of the processor. The PMA simplifies the design of rugged military VME system by reducing the power consumption demands of the host processor board.

The PMA is designed to be reliable in high shock and vibration environments (rated to withstand up to 40G shock and 0.15 g2 /Hz vibration, per Mil-Std-810E) and temperature extremes (40°C to +71°C).

The board, which is also available in an air-cooled configuration, can be configured as an IEEE 1101.2-compliant, conduction-cooled VMEbus module, featuring wedge locks and a full-board heat sink.

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