Electronic Design

Scope Supports 16GFC Fibre Channel, 14Gb FDR InfiniBand

An optical sampling oscilloscope module for the DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer Series delivers optimised optical sensitivity, noise, and dynamic-range performance for characterisation and validation testing of 16GFC Fibre Channel and 14Gb FDR InfiniBand communications standards, according to Tektronix.

Fibre Channel and InfiniBand standards are designed for high-bandwidth applications and devices. These would include high-performance super-computing clusters, large databases, data-centre interconnect and migration, and solid-state disks or memory arrays.

The 80C14 optical sampling module is the newest member of the DSA8200 platform, supporting both single-mode and multimode fibre. The module includes optical reference receivers that are ITU- and T11-compliant, suiting them for the recently completed 16GFC Fibre Channel standard and 14Gb FDR InfiniBand channels.


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