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Video Line Drivers Integrate Low-Pass Filters

The FMS6413 (single-channel) and the FMS6414 (dual-channel) video line drivers include video low-pass filters for standard definition composite and S-video applications. The monolithic devices combine 75-Ω cable drivers with integrated filters, enabling them to remove artifacts introduced during digital-to-analog conversion in the encoder. The FMS6413 single-channel line driver provides 1.0-dB flatness across the pass band and a 7.1-MHz cutoff frequency. It has a 37-dB stop-band rejection at 27 MHz. This device can drive 2 V p-p into a 150-Ω load with less than 0.4% differential gain and 0.4% differential phase for the video signal. It suits composite video applications where only a single video signal is involved. Also, it includes dc restore/sync-tip clamp circuitry for proper operation. With the same filter characteristics as the FMS6413, the FMS6414 dual-channel filter driver adds the flexibility of a second channel that is generally used for the Chroma signal. It suits S-video and other similar applications where the chrominance and luminance are separated. Both devices are shipped in an eight-pin SOIC package. In quantities of 1000 units, the FMS6413 and FMS6414 cost $0.79 and $0.91 each, respectively. They're available now with delivery in four weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor International; (888) 522-5372

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