Electronic Design

Celebrating 50 Years Of Technology

Welcome to our 50th Anniversary commemorative issue. Serving the industry longer than any publication in the EOEM field, Electronic Design has come of age with many of the pioneering people and companies that introduced the groundbreaking technologies responsible for transforming the world. From the debut of the transistor and the emergence of the microprocessor to the rise of the Internet and the ubiquity of wireless communications, this magazine has been privileged to document and detail virtually every major development, technology breakthrough, and strategic product rollout over the last half-century.

As my great aunt said at her 95th birthday party, when asked to describe the innovations and changes she witnessed and experienced during her lifetime since early in the 20th century, "Amazing, simply amazing." Similarly, Electronic Design has witnessed the birth of the electronics industry and grown up beside it. We have been side by side, best friends, from our shared youth to our present middle age. This has been a remarkable journey that can only be described by all as, "Amazing, simply amazing."

This very special issue, though the culmination of an exceptional year-long effort by the entire staff, has literally taken 50 years to experience, savor, and digest. We hope that you enjoy reading this threefold celebration of the most outstanding achievements over the past 50 years, our bets for the most promising technologies expected in the future, and our tribute to the engineering community that makes it all possible.

Through the skill, commitment, and determination of the magazine's staff, we hope we've accomplished our goal—to provide you, our reader, with a commemorative issue you'll enjoy experiencing time and again over the coming months and decide to include as a "keeper" in your professional archive.

My appreciation goes to our editorial and business personnel for making the issue happen and to Associate Publisher Bill Baumann, Associate Chief Editor Lucinda Mattera, and Art Director Peter Jeziorski for heading up this project. Of course, I extend a special thanks to our advertisers. Without their participation, this issue would not have been possible.

Finally, on behalf of the entire staff, I thank you—all our loyal readers over the last 50 years—for choosing to make Electronic Design an important part of your design curriculum.


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