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0.5-in. H<sub>2</sub>O Pressure Sensor Provides mV Output

Claimed as the first sensor of its kind on the market, an H2O pressure sensor is now available that offers a 0.5-in. measurement. Obtaining this level of sensitivity has been made possible by the company’s CoBeam2 technology. The 0.5-in. device is an addition to the existing family of 1-in. to 30-in. H2O millivolt-output pressure sensors. It offers twice the sensitivity of the 1-in. H2O device, which provides a higher signal-to-noise ratio in demanding low-pressure applications. This pressure range has traditionally only been available as an amplified device. Sensors are offered in a printed circuit board-mountable package with two pressure ports. Seven pressure ranges are available from 0.5 in. H2O full scale to 30 in. H2O full scale. The dead volume to each pressure port is matched for superior common mode response. The sensors are available with a millivolt output proportional to either gage or differential pressure. Output offset errors are significantly reduced by electrical cross-coupling compensation employed within the sensor. Applications for this device are medical breathing (lung function, respiratory monitoring, sleep diagnostics, and drug delivery systems), HVAC, and process automation. Samples are available for product testing. ALL SENSORS CORP., Morgan Hill, CA. (408) 225-4314.


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