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1-By-16 PLED Drops In To Replace LCD Units

The OSD1601-D (see figure) is a one-line by 16-character polymetric LED (PLED) display module from OSD Displays. The module's high-contrast yellow-green characters measure 4.51 by 8.6 mm, creating a display active area of 84.31 by 8.6 mm. The display's total overall mechanical dimension is 122 by 33 by 8.9 mm deep.

Compared to negative-mode LCD modules, the OSD1601-D saves significant power. The typical current consumption with 25% pixel use and a full screen of characters at 40 nits is less than 30 mA. And since the PLED material is a solid-state light emitter, its response time is unaffected by changes in ambient temperature. As a result, the module offers a wide operating temperature range. Unlike LCDs, response time (40 µs) and contrast (greater than 100 to 1) are the same at –20°C as they are at 70°C. Storage temperature is rated at –30°C to 80°C.

The module's interface is fully compatible with the HD44780 controller, allowing designers to easily integrate the OSD1601-D into existing LCD designs. Contact the company for prices.

OSD Displays

Based on the company's in-house expertise in backlighting and plastics design, Displaytech's standard thin-film-transistor (TFT) display modules can be modified to suit an application's specific mounting requirements. Two sizes are available: 1.8 and 2.0 in., diagonal. The company also can apply its value-added and custom capabilities to its TFT line so customers can order the TFT displays integrated into their own pc-board assemblies. For more information, including complete specifications and details on pricing, contact Displaytech's U.S. sales representative, SEAComp Inc., at (760) 918-6722 or go to

The ANDpSi018TP-LED is a 558-by-234 active matrix color TFT LCD module with an analog interface. The device employs a new low-temperature polysilicon (p-Si) technology to provide a brighter, thinner, and lighter display with high resolution. With the p-Si TFT technology, the row and column LCD drivers can be fabricated directly on LCD glass. Scanning can be from left to right, right to left, up to down, or down to up. These features suit the module well for portable applications like PDAs, medical instruments, and test and measurement instruments. The 4.6-cm (1.8-in.) display is 2.85 mm deep and weighs 9 g. For further information, contact Purdy Electronics at

The use of a partially reflective backing (transflector) in the H4048 LCD glass display from LXD Inc. lets users view the display with ambient light or with a backlight source. Display content includes six digits, five decimal points, and two colons. All display elements are individually driven. The display's 1.0-in. high digits provide good visibility, suiting the H4048 for instrumentation and time displays that must be read from a distance. The display's connector pins allow wave soldering. For more information, go to

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