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1-Mb Flash Draws 0.5 mA Active

Reported as the lowest current 1-Mb flash memory chip in the industry, the PS29LP001 features full functionality at power supply voltages as low as 1.65V and draws an active supply current of just 0.5 mA. In power-down mode, current draw is just 1 µA. The device uses the company’s patented FlashShot technology and is manufactured by UMC using their 0.25 µm CMOS process. The 1-Kb (128K-word x 8-bit) flash memory operates from a single 1.65V to 3.6V supply and requires a typical supply current of only 0.5mA at Vcc = 1.8V or less. Organized into multiple sectors of various sizes, each sector can be re-written independently and can be individually protected to prevent accidental programming. All program and erase operations are handled by on-board circuits that provide automatic control of program and erase timing and support for data polling and toggle bit features. Other features include an endurance of 100,000 cycles, a data retention of 20 years, access times of 70 ns, and 5 ms write times. The PS29LP001 flash memory comes in 32-pin DIPs, PLCCs and TSOPs and is priced at $2.90 each/10K. PROGRAMMABLE SILICON SOLUTIONS, San Jose, CA. (408) 487-9200.


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