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1-Mbit Flash Memory Claims Fastest-In-Class Title

The NX29F010, a 1-Mbit (128k x 8) sectored flash memory, is claimed to be the fastest device in its class. Access times are as fast as 35 ns, which is 22% faster than the previous industry-standard speed of 45 ns. The 5V memories are also available in speed grades of 45 ns, 55 ns, 70 ns and 90 ns.With the memory, designers of systems based on high-speed controllers and DSPs are able to significantly improve system performance by eliminating wait states or enabling direct operation from flash rather than from high-speed SRAM. Some applications that can benefit include modems, graphics boards, printers, fax machines, DVD and CD-ROM drives, meters, set-top boxes, point-of-sale terminals, and motor controllers.The memories are available in 32-pin PLCCs, TSOPs and PDIPs in commercial and industrial temperature grades.


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