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10-Gb/s Optical Networking Modules Have Plug-And-Play Design

Claimed to be the industry's first 10-Gb/s optical networking modules, SmartModules provide optical-electrical-optical conversion, clock/data recovery, transmit clock frequency multiplication, de-serialization and serialization in a compact, plug-and-play module. At just 2.5" x 3.5" x 0.5", the module's size is said to be over 70% smaller than board-level solutions.
The first device in the series, the ONM10PHY-SR, is an integrated module that employs short-reach, 1,310-nm Fabry-Perot serial optics. And the device's 16-bit LVDS interface uses a 300-pin connector. With an optical link distance of 2 km, the optical networking module is jitter compliant to Bellcore GR-1377 and provides a standard I2C bus for control and monitoring functions. Pricing is set at $5,000 each in quantity.


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