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10-Gbyte ATCA Hub Targets Video-on-Demand Media Servers

The AT8904, an AdvancedTCA hub from Kontron, offers 10-Gbyte fabric switching and a versatile design that accommodates IPTV-based (Internet Protocol television) media content "on-demand." The platform is well-suited for open, modular-based broadband media servers used to support video on demand (VoD) from a library of movies delivered over DSL or cable TV networks, as well as VoD short videos from online service platforms delivered to mobile phones and wireless clients. Designers can take advantage of the exceptional flexibility provided by two AdvancedMC slots that can host processor modules as main controllers, storage modules as mass-storage devices for processor advanced mezzanine cards (AMCs), and dual 10-Gbit Ethernet uplink cards to interlink the fabric.

The AT8904 features built-in layer 3 routing support and nonblocking layer 2 switching with virtual local-area networks (VLANs), 10-Gbit Ethernet service to a redundant hub board, 10-Gbit Ethernet service to payload slots 2 through 15, a 1000BaseT uplink on the front panel, and two 10-Gbit Ethernet connections to both AMC slots. And since the design of the AT8904 is based on Kontron's existing line of AdvancedTCA hub boards, it provides tremendous economies of scale and faster deployments for designers who have already created applications with the AT8901 and the AT8902 hubs. The AT8904 supports full IPv6 routing and a line rate switching capacity of 200 Gbits/s, which makes it ideal for high-traffic broadband media server network elements.


The AT8904 is available now.


OEM pricing is available on request.


Visit www.kontron.com.

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