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10-GHz Socket Accommodates 0.4-mm Pitch BGAs

Able to operate at up to 10 GHz with less than 1 dB of insertion loss, the SG-BGA-7096 is a ZIF socket for 0.4-mm pitch BGAs. It is designed for use with a Shinko 12-mm BGA package size with a 28 x 28 array and 515 balls. The socket can dissipate up to several watts without extra heat sinking and can handle up to 100W with a custom heat sink. Typical contact resistance is 23 mO per pin. The socket requires only enough board space for two mounting screws and a clearance of 2.5 mm around the chip. Made of a high-performance, low-inductance elastomer, the socket has a pin inductance of 10.15 nH and capacitance to ground of 0.10 pF. Operating temperature range of –35°C to +100°C. The single-unit price of the SG-BGA-7096 is $494, with quantity discounts available. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Burnsville, MN. (800) 404-0204.


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