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10-MS/s Card Enters Embedded Test & Measurement Market

Well-suited for use in low-power embedded test and measurement systems, such as for CCD and infrared imaging and video testing, this fast ISA digitizer half-card features six 14-bit vertical resolution, high-speed differential input channels capable of capturing data at a 10-MS/s rate with an input bandwidth of 5 MHz minimum. Two of the channels run synchronously and four of them run sequentially. The 14-bit digitizer has both analog and TTL trigger inputs, with all digital I/O available from a single 34-pin header. The high-speed inputs offer 32K, 8K or 1K words of software selectable on-board memory, with an expansion port capable of accepting additional memory modules. Post- and pre-triggering is selectable in single-sample increments. Further, the board's input ranges of 5V, 2.5V, 1V and 0.5V are software programmable.The card requires a 5V supply, dissipating only 5W when fully on, and a 386 (or better) computer controlled by a DOS or Windows 3.1/95/NT OS.

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