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10-Segment LED Array Includes Programmability

Packaged on a circuit board measuring 50.55 mm x 21.59 mm, the companyÕs intelligent LED array includes ten horizontally lit bars plus programmable driver circuitry. The circuit board can either be plugged into a connector or soldered directly into a circuit. A linear-scaled display, the segments measure 1.27 mm x 4.06 mm and can be any color or combination of colors available. The programmable driver allows the intensity of the individual segments to be adjusted and it accepts a control signal to change the display from a bar graph to a moving-dot type display. The circuit board has 12 gold-plated contacts along its lower edge and comes with two 3.05-mm mounting holes. Depending on color requirements, production quantities are available in eight to ten weeks, priced from $5 to $9 each. LUMEX INC., Palatine, IL. (800) 278-5666.

Company: LUMEX INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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