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1006-Packaged Schottky Achieves 390mV Forward Voltage

Eindhoven, Netherlands: NXP has developed a Schottky rectifier that features 390mV maximum forward voltage at 0.5A forward current—all in a 1.0 by 0.6 by 0.37mm 1006 leadless package. Low forward voltage ensures the PMEG2005BELD consumes minimal power, suiting it for mobile, battery-driven devices. In addition, it’s qualified to AEC-Q101.

The 20V, 0.5A Schottky combines its low forward voltage with a low reverse current of 50µA at 10V reverse voltage. It also features NXP’s tin-plated, solderable side pads, which enable visual inspection of solder joints. Solderable side pads also allow for tighter contact onto the printed circuit board with less tilting and stronger shear force robustness.

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