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104-Key PC Keyboard Integrates USB Interface

The answer to both interface problems and the usual tangle of cables on PC users' desks can be found in the 3000 Series Microsoft-compatible keyboards with Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. The 104-key units are available in a powered-hub version (G81-3504) or a hubless version. The powered-hub version has up to four downstream ports on the back of the keyboard for daisy-chaining up to 127 additional USB devices and peripherals. The hub functions as a distribution point to which other hubs or peripherals may be connected. Power required by each peripheral is supplied either via the bus itself, through powered hubs, or through the device's own power supply.The keyboards use the company's Full Travel Sealed Contact technology, as well as its MY keymodules. Together with a membrane set, the keys comprise a sealed matrix system. Keymodules boast full 4-mm travel, high reliability, and long life.


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