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12-Bit PCI ADC Cards Digitize At Torrid Pace

High data throughput rates and measurement fidelity, as well as time base control, are all claimed for a new family of 12-bit, PCI, analog-to-digital cards for PC-based data acquisition systems. The features are said to reduce automated testing times by a factor of 10 to 100 compared to conventional test instrumentation, such as oscilloscopes and data loggers. The new digitizer family consists of high-end DP310 and entry-level DP308 and DP306 cards, all featuring signal-to-noise ratios of up to 64 dB, spurious-free dynamic range of better than 78 dB, and a time base with precision of better than ±2 ppm. Well-suited for making wideband, frequency-related measurements in radar I/Q demodulation and wireless communication, the DP310 features a direct high frequency input with 300-MHz bandwidth for under-sampling measurement, as well as a fully buffered input with a 100-MHz bandwidth. And to accurately digitize signals, the card has a sampling rate of up to 400 MS/s and 64 Kpoints of on-board memory. The DP308 and DP306 have sampling rates of up to 200 and 100 MS/s with 100 and 50 MHz of bandwidth, respectively, as well as 32 Kpoints of memory (up to 2 Mpoints optional), opening use for the cards in automotive and ultrasound applications. The cards also have a TV trigger capability, permitting use in sampling video signals. Models DP310, DP308 and DP306 PCI-compliant digitizing cards cost $9,490, $6,990 and $4,490, respectively. For more details, contact Klass Vogel at ACQIRIS USA, Monroe, NY. (877) 227-4747.


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