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14-Bit DAC Packs 32 Channels And Adjustable Voltage Output

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Tapping what is claimed to be a ground-breaking architecture that will help the device find use in a host of industrial applications, the AD5532 14-bit D/A converter integrates a record-setting 32 channels onto a 74-lead LFBGA package measuring just 12 mm x 12 mm. And by including a front-end A/D converter, the AD5532 DAC can also be used as a 32-channel sample-and-hold with an "infinite" or "droopless" output hold capability.
These features, coupled with an adjustable output voltage spanning a maximum range of 20V, enable the new DAC to simplify pc board designs by eliminating the need for external amplifiers, filters or caps. Price: $49.95 each/1,000. The AD5533, which combines a 32-channel voltage translation function with an infinite output hold capability, is also available for $32 each.

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