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14-Bit PCI Digitizers Deliver 400 Msamples/s

Providing digital inputs and asynchronous digital I/O, the 14-bit UF3-4142 PCI digitizer card has two analog inputs and can sample at 400 Msamples/s on one channel or 250 Msamples/s on both channels simultaneously while the 14-bit UF2-4140 is a single-channel card that samples at 400 Msamples/s. Both cards come with 256 MB of onboard memory, which is reportedly unique at this speed/resolution segment. Memory is expandable to 2 Gsamples, enabling a measurement time up to 5s on one channel at 400 Msamples/s. PCI Express versions of the cards are due in June. Drivers and programming examples for Windows Vista/XP64/XP and Linux RedHat, Fedora, SuSe, and Sarge come with the cards as well as the SBench 6.0 oscilloscope program. Software-development kits for MATLAB, LabVIEW, and LabWindows/CVI are available as options. Price for the single channel UF3-4140 card is $7,495 and the two-channel UF3-4142 costs $8,495. STRATEGIC TEST CORP., Woburn, MA. (866) 898-3278.


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