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14-Slot Development System Targets AdvancedTCA Apps

Building upon its 8-slot predecessor, a 14-slot T-Frame AdvancedTCA shelf debuts with the added benefit of open access to test points and in-circuit test devices. Boasting 75% greater card capacity, the T-Frame chassis is portable and can withstand the rigors of telecom, industrial, and military lab applications. Its open-frame design facilitates access to front and rear boards. Mounted several inches above the benchtop with an overall height of 14U, users have easier access to cards. Cooling is bottom pressurized using three front-removable fan trays. The cooling air path is bottom to top, with cooling capacity greater than 150W per slot. The system includes dual shelf management controllers to monitor, control, and ensure proper operatio. Its backplane supports dual star switch fabric routing at data rates to 3.125 Gb/s. and power is distributed at 48V A and B independently to all slots through four power studs, with separate studs for logic and shelf ground. Pricing starts at $11,495. TRACEWELL SYSTEMS INC., Columbus, OH. (800) 848-4525.


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