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1/4-VGA LCD Display Is Subject Of Designer’s Kit

A designer’s kit is available that eases the process of integrating the company’s Vitrium G4 1/4-VGA LCD display into end products. The display was developed using chip-on-glass technology for optimal reliability, contrast and mechanical thinness.The kit comes assembled and includes the Vitrium G4 display, a white electroluminescent backlight, an LCDC-1330 controller board, a COGI bias-voltage board, a parallel interface to any PC, a board for mounting all components, a software diskette, and all connecting cables and hardware.To expedite the design process, two software programs come with the kit: one DOS-based (QuickBASIC) and the other Windows-based (C++). Both are preconfigured with graphics and text to get the display working quickly with the user’s message. Also included are a manual, complete specs and drawings, and more.

Company: SEIKO INSTRUMENTS USA INC. - Electronic Components Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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