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150W Switcher Has Fewer Components And Better Cooling

Active input power-factor correction is now featured in the firm's PSF-151 triple-output, 150W open-frame switching power supply. The supply's pc board has been laid out to optimize cooling, with components arranged to facilitate longitudinal airflow. As a result, the supply requires less cooling airflow than competitive 150W supplies, it's claimed. Other supplies often position components so as to block length-wise airflow, it's asserted.The supply's single-IC, dual-purpose pulse width modulator and PFC controller reduces the number of components to further improve airflow and increase reliability. The switcher also synchronizes PWM and PFC operating frequencies for lower electrical noise.One or two high-current main outputs are provided, as well as a +12V/1A fan output. All outputs remain in regulation for typically 16 ms after loss of ac input to the supply's 90-to-264 vac universal input. Protection features include output short circuit, forced output overvoltage, and overtemperature.


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