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16-Bit ADC/Scope Card Breaks 1-MHz Barrier For Data-Acquisition Products

True 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion at sampling rates up to 2.5 Msps in dual-channel mode is performed by the CompuScope 1602 PCI Bus ADC and oscilloscope card. The single-slot card is said to surpass the 1-MHz barrier for 16-bit A/D conversion of any instrument or data-acquisition product. With each channel having its own ADC, dual-channel sampling is truly simultaneous.The board offers a 75-dB signal-to-noise ratio, making it highly immune to digital noise. It also boasts of an auto-calibration feature, ensuring precise conversion of analog signals irrespective of ambient temperature. Differential inputs with a common-mode rejection ratio of over 80 dB provides further noise immunity against ground loops and other noise sources in and around the measurement system. In memory mode, the board can have up to 8 Msamples of acquisition memory; in real-time mode, it can stream data to host memory for up to one billion samples of acquisition memory.


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