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16-Bit Inverting Buffer/Line Driver ICs Offer Three-State Outputs

In the 74LVT162240 and 74LVTH162240 16-bit inverting buffer/line driver ICs, designers with a requirement for off-board driving have a high-speed (4 ns maximum), high-drive capability (+64/-32 mA) devices to meet their exacting requirements. By offering the devices with or without bushold on the data pins, the ICs are said to provide designers with an advantage in the design of backplanes, memory arrays, telecomm switches and networking applications.Both devices feature 5V-tolerant inputs and outputs, allowing interface to 5V and/or 3V devices, as well as guaranteed specifications for power up/down high impedance. This allows for live insertion/extraction and facilitates power management. In having versions with and without bushold on the data pins available, designers gain the flexibility to use a mixture of devices to minimize the drive requirements of the power supply. Bushold maintains a valid logic state on an unloaded input, eliminating the need for external pull-up or -down resistors.


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