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16-Bit PCI Scope Card Boosts Speed By 400%

Touted as the fastest 16-bit waveform digitizer available on the market in any form factor, the CompuScope 1610 16-bit, PCI-based oscilloscope card was originally introduced with a sampling speed of 2.5 Msamples/s. In response to usersÕ needs for increased rates, the card has been enhanced and now delivers a sampling rate of 10 Msamples/s, calculated as a performance increase of 400%. Targeted applications for the oscilloscope include high-quality imaging, shock wave testing, disk drive testing, radar qualification, RF receiver analysis, and charge-coupled device (CCD) testing. The board is compatible with the companyÕs oscilloscope software, which is said to be usable right out of the box. Development kits are also available for C/C++, MATLAB and LabVIEW with support for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Depending on the amount of memory, price ranges from $4,995 to $29,995 in single units. For further information, call Andrew Dawson at GAGE APPLIED INC., Montreal, Canada. (800) 567-4243.


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