Electronic Design

16-Bit PCMCIA Data Grabber Automates Portable Measurements

The DAQCard-6036E 16-bit data-acquisition (DAQ) device packs the features of the company's full-size E-series DAQ devices into the PCMCIA format, enabling designers to automate their portable measurements. The card features a 16-bit analog input on 16 single-ended or eight differential channels, two 16-bit analog output channels, eight digital I/O lines, and two 24-bit counters/timers. It can digitize input voltages at up to 200 ksamples/s. Programmable function inputs allow the device to be synchronized with multiple data-acquisition and control devices. An on-board temperature sensor and temperature drift protection circuitry ensure measurement accuracy in laptop computers. NI-DAQ driver software provides a powerful programming interface to simplify configuration and measurements. Through NI-DAQ, the DAQCard-6036E integrates with a variety of application development environments, including LabView, LabWindows/CVI, and Measurement Studio. The PCMCIA device sells for $995.

National Instruments
www.ni.com; (800) 258-7022

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