Electronic Design

16-Channel PMC Module Features Two 14-Bit 80-MHz ADCs

The Model 7131 is a 16-channel narrowband digital receiver PCI mezzanine card (PMC) module with two 14-bit 80-MHz analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and four quad digital receivers. It also couples FPGA technology with these channelized software radio functions.

This module can be attached to any processor board with one or more PMC sites. It's well suited for synchronous data communications, wireless basestations, direction finding, satellite communications, wireless local-area networks (LANs), high-frequency sonar, telecom, and other software radio applications. When used with the company's Model 9190 clock and sync generator, the 7131 can support up to 1280 channels, each sharing common clock and synchronization signals. This allows very large multichannel systems to acquire, process, and capture signals simultaneously.

The Model 7131 starts at $5995.

Pentek Inc.
(201) 818-5900; www.pentek.com

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