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1/8-Brick DC-DC Converter Delivers 15 A At 3.3 V WIthout Heatsink

With the PowerQor Mega EML series 1/8-brick dc-dc converters, you can leave the heatsink off the circuit. The converters deliver up to 15 A of total output current at 3.3 V and below and 50 W of output power at 5 V and above. Their 48-V nominal input (35- to 75-V range) meets input voltage transient requirements up to 100 V for 100 ms. The units measure 0.9 by 2.3 by 0.37 in., occupying 60% of the board space of a standard quarter-brick. Ultra-high efficiency enables the converters to deliver full power up to 70°C with no airflow (2.5 V and below). The EML series includes members with 3.3-, 2.5-, 1.8-, and 1.5-V output voltages. Versions with operating voltages of 1.2 and 5 V will be released shortly. Through-hole and surface-mount configurations are available. The units are pin-for-pin compatible with larger quarter-bricks. Control and protection features include on/off control, voltage trim, remote sense, output overvoltage protection, thermal shutdown, and 2000-V dc isolation rating. In OEM quantities, the EML 1/8-brick converters cost $42.50 each.

www.synqor.com; (888) 567-9596

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