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1/8-Brick Module Boasts High Power Density

With a 40-A output at 3.3 V, the PKB4110C 1/8-brick dc-dc converter from Ericsson Power Modules delivers up to 60% more power than previously released modules of similar size. The converter comes in two versions—through-hole and surface-mount. A third option features a broader baseplate to accommodate higher operating temperatures in applications where airflow is restricted.

The use of a secondary digital monitoring circuit allows control of an infinite number of customers’ output circuit characteristics—such as latching and over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection—without the addition of extra components.

Because this circuit is programmed during manufacturing, delivery time is reduced for customer-specified protection configurations. The so-called secondary-side control permits tighter control of VOUT and ensures that the most stringent requirements for monotonic and pre-biased startup can be met.

Designed for 48-V inputs, the PKB-C targets telecom and datacom applications such as routers, servers, data storage, and wireless networks. But it also suits many other systems needing high power density and high thermal performance. Contact the company for price and availability information.

Ericsson Power Modules • www.ericsson.com/powermodules

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Power Supplies
With a rated input-to-output isolation of 4000 VA rms, the Tracopower THB3 dc-dc converters from Power Sources Unlimited suit applications in the medical and information technology markets, where high isolation is required. The 24-pin dual-inline package (DIP) modules have also been tested to 6000 V peak for 1 s. Wide input ranges of 2:1 are avail- able from 4.5 to 75 V dc. Single or dual outputs available include 5, 12, 24, ±12, or ±15 V dc. The converters comply with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances. OEM quantity pricing starts at $22.00. Check out www.psui.com

Astrodyne has expanded its PowerBlock series of micro-miniature modular switching power supplies to include three package designs within the 5-W offering. The package styles available include standard open printed-circuit-board (PCB) pin mount, SIP-style (system-in-package) open PCB pin mount, and fully encapsulated PCB pin mount. Sizes (SIP) begin at 0.91 by 1.91 by 0.47 in. The series features a universal input range of 90 to 260 V ac at 47 to 440 Hz and single outputs of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, and 24 V dc. The PowerBlocks start at $14 each in OEM quantities. To learn more, go to www.astrodyne.com

Several models have been added to the Astrodyne Systems Interconnect line of compact DIN rail-mount power supplies. The new units include the 24-V dc CSD15C (0.6 A), CSD30C (1.25 A), and CSD50C (2.2 A); the 12-V dc CSD15B (1.25 A); the CSD50B (12 to 15 V dc adjustable at 3 A); and a dual-output supply that outputs ±12 and 15 V dc at 0.6 A. Each model features a universal input voltage of 120 to 230 V ac. The supplies are Class 2 isolation devices, which means they do not require ground connections. For more information, visit www.asi-ex.com

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