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1U MicroTCA Platform Is Highly Integrated

Designed for equipment manufacturers and application developers, the MTC5070 MicroTCA platform from Performance Technologies is a highly integrated, full-featured cost-efficient 1U MicroTCA offering. The platform, which is being demonstrated at Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, is available immediately for under $2000 for volume purchases.

The MTC5070’s architecture eliminates high overhead costs associated with more traditional modular approaches to building MicroTCA-based products. It incorporates the vital platform infrastructure functions of Gigabit Ethernet switching, PCI-Express switching, MicroTCA-compliant carrier and shelf management, and storage interconnect, as well as power supplies. The result is one of the highest payload slot counts per 1U rack height in the industry and a substantially lower overall cost structure.

The platform includes six configurable AdvancedMC payload slots, front-to-back cooling, 40 W per slot power and cooling capability, built-in MCH and power functions, telco clock support, a removable 300-W ac or dc power supply, and SATA and SAS storage interconnect between AMC modules. The MTC5070 is the first in a line of planned MicroTCA platforms from Performance Technologies. It supports the company’s family of AdvancedMC modules, which include a variety of x86 and PowerPC-based single-board computer modules, and the company’s recently announced AMC590 video/storage module.

Performance Technologies

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