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2-mm Connector Combines Best Of Type A/B Systems

The Type A/B variant of the Z-PACK 2-mm HM (Hard Metric) connector system is a two-piece board-to-board interface with a daughter-card-to-backplane connection. With the addition of the three-column signal pins within the connector, the Type A/B is essentially a combination of the two standard products designed for higher density. It offers the guidance ability similar to the Type A connector, but also uses the center three columns for additional signal-pin capability as located in the Type B connector. The A/B connectors come in a five-row configuration with 95, 110, or 125 signal pins. The male connectors mate with Type A/B right-angle female connectors and are end-stackable with no change in the contact pitch. The Z-PACK 2-mm HM connectors are suitable for use in high-end stations, graphic work stations, servers, super computers, wireless interfaces, high-end network systems, high-end CPU testing, telecom hubs, and military “dark” programs. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.


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