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2-W Dual-Output Power Converters Feature 5.5-mm Profile

Aimed at rack-mounted industrial and telecommunications designs where height is restricted, the NTH series 2-W, dual-isolated-output dc-dc converters measure just 5.5 mm high. The low-profile converters also minimize board space thanks to a small mounting footprint of just 3.16 cm2. The units are available with input voltages of either 5 or 12 V and dual-isolated output options of 5, 9, 12, or 15 V. In all models, isolation between input and output is rated at 1 kV dc. The NTH converters operate with efficiencies up to 84% and have a total power density of 1.54 W/cm3. Maximum internal power dissipation is specified at 550 mW. A wide operating temperature range lets the converters deliver their full 2-W performance between −40°C and 85°C without a heatsink. All devices are lead-free-compatible and offer a guaranteed pin coplanarity of 0.1 mm in accordance with IEC191-6:1990. Because the converters comply fully with the CECC00802 standard for reflow soldering to 280°C, they can be placed and soldered alongside conventional ICs. The NTH converters cost under $7 each in OEM quantities.

C&D Technologies Inc.
www.cdtechno.com; (520) 295-4300

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