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24-bit Audio Codec Claims To Be Industry's Highest Performer

Offered as the industry's highest performance audio codec, the AK4528 audio codec for use in 96-kHz recording systems features a DAC dynamic range of 110 dB with a SND of 94 dB. The 24-bit, two-channel device includes a de-emphasis filter for 32-, 44.1- and 48-kHz sampling rates, a 128-level digital attenuation, and a softmute. The d/a converter section is a 128x over-sampling delta sigma modulator and it uses the company's advanced multi-bit architecture that is said to achieve low outband noise and high jitter tolerance via switched-capacitor-filter techniques.
Other features include a clock divider that supports a master clock ranging from 256 to 1024 fs. The AK4528 comes in a 28-pin VSOP package and operates from a single 5-V supply. An aevaluation board is also available. Pricing is $5.77 each/ 10,000.


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